Criminal case pacific bay for PC Windows 8.1/10/8/7/XP/Vista & Mac Laptop


Criminal case pacific bay for PC is the second season of the highly famous criminal case game series. Developed by Pretty Simple studios, Criminal case is a detective theme point and click game that started out on facebook on November 15, 2012. Clamoring to popular demand, an ios version, and an android version was released on 28 August 2014 and 15 April 2015 respectively. Within a short period of time, it became as popular as the famous candy crush saga.

Criminal case pacific bay for Windows 8.1/10/8/ is set in a fictionalized city of pacific bay as opposed to its prequel which was set in Grimsborough and follows the silent protagonist, whose name is the same as the name entered by the player, as he attempts to solve various criminal cases that offer a coherent and interesting plotline. Criminal case pacific bay tasks players with sifting through crime scenes to acquire objects of interest. These objects may lead to a string of related events such as autopsies, forensic analysis and even interrogation of suspects. Sifting through the data obtained allows the player to put together a modus Operandi of the suspect and consequently draw a criminal profile. Based on this profile, the player can find out the actual culprit from a list of suspects.

Download criminal case pacific bay for PC on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP & Mac Laptop

The gameplay offered by Criminal case pacific bay is diverse enough to keep players interested through long hours of continuous play. Staying true to the tradition of point and click games, the visuals are offered via an isometric point of view and players interact with the crime scenes by clicking on all the objects of interest. The scores obtained as a result of gameplay fills up a bar. Filling up this bar offers players with stars. Stars are an in-game currency that allows players to perform various tasks such as interrogating suspects and examining objects of interest.

To keep things interesting and to make scenarios more interactive, the players are given stamina/ energy bars that are required to perform actions. Having RPG-Esque (role playing game elements), these energy bars can be progressively enhanced via consumables such as food and also via guard dogs that can be purchased via stars.

Features of criminal case pacific bay for Laptop/Computer

Criminal case pacific bay offers various features to keep players hooked.

Some of the features include but are not limited to:-

  • Crime scene investigation featuring intelligently hidden evidence.
  • RPG elements such as upgrades and health bars that makes the game more interactive and adds depth to gameplay mechanics.
  • Real-time and realistic evaluation of forensic evidence that commiserates with the laws of spectroscopy and spectra manipulation.
  • Interesting forensic mini-games that change pace of gameplay.
  • Compelling plot that follows up in the sequels.
  • Quirky and humorous side characters that make the story more compelling.

Download criminal case pacific bay for Windows 8.1/8/7/10/XP/Vista & Mac

Installing criminal case pacific bay for PC or mac requires an android emulator. Android emulators are essentially softwares that make computers behave like android devices. Thus having an android emulator is a prerequisite for playing criminal case pacific bay on PC or mac.Criminal case pacific bay for PC

How to Install criminal case pacific bay for PC on Windows 8/8.1/10/7 & Mac Computer?

First, download any android app emulator on PC or mac such as Bluestacks android emulator.  Next, install the software on your PC.

  • After installing the software, double-click on its icon and Click on the search box.
  • Type criminal case in the search box.
  • Click on the search Play for criminal case.
  • The criminal case pacific bay option will become available in a new window indicating the search results on Google play store.
  • Click on install button. The game will be downloaded within a few moments.
  • Click on the all apps button which is present in the home page of Bluestacks app. You can now access the game here.

These were steps to download criminal case pacific bay for PC on windows 7/10/8.1/XP/Vista and 8 and mac. Now an outrageously addicting game that was all the rage in smartphones and associated media can be accessed by a PC or a mac as well.

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