Best Ways to Increase Android Smartphone Battery Life


By our observation, we have some best tips to save your android Smartphone battery span. By applying simple adjustments on your android smartphone you can make better battery life to your smartphone. I think you know, why more users attracted by this android? Because it is offering tremendous features beyond what we are expecting.

We can say in any angles android smartphones are very helpful to the people. But the only drawback is that its battery performance. If you use more features, it will give less battery life.

Number of useful features allow on android smartphone can make batteries to get discharged very quickly. In order to avoid this, android users are thinking in an intelligent and proactive manner to save energy in their phones. In the below you can see by changing some default settings on our android phone we can save android smartphone battery life. Make below steps to your android phones and increase your Android Smartphone better battery life than before. It is really working.Tips to save Android battery life


Change below settings on your android smartphone.

1). Know which is using more percentages of power.

If you want to know which is consuming more power, you have to go first Settings->About phone -> Battery use.

After you have gone through those setting changes, then you will see a window with all the apps with what percentage of power it is consuming. We can say display takes more power than other applications on our android phones.

And also you have to check Settings >> Applications >> Running Services. Here we can see all our running applications with what amount of RAM it is using.

Choose some services like “software update” and some other applications are not expended by you. If you click on them, you will see option that is “stop”. Tap on that stop option and close that. That can increases RAM space and enhance the battery life.

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Best Tips to Increase Android Smartphone Battery Life

2). Make less brightness to your android display.

Go and adjust the brightness settings to your android phone. Settings-> Display-> Brightness.

Most of the android users can see an android display as quite well. By the time of adjusting brightness to your android phone make the slider completely in left position, after that use your android phone as with that brightness setting. If you are unable to see your android display, you can make keep brightness slider in some extent to the right side as you require. But don’t keep that brightness slider completely in right position, your android phone battery may get discharge very rapidly. You should keep that slider as you needed.

3). Get away from Sync.

If you added a g-mail account to your android phone, it would send you a lot of information to your account. It contains Google play purchases like Twitter and Facebook account information.

Do not add more number of accounts to android phone, it can takes also take more power.

You need to go Settings >> Accounts and sync click on that accounts and sync option there you can see number of managing accounts. And also we can see which accounts have sync on. If you want to sync off that account click on that account and un-check that green mark in a box.

While we are creating of Facebook and Twitter account, we will be asked g-mail account. Creating of Facebook and Twitter account has done, try to go above settings and un-check green mark for those accounts.

4). Turn out the GPS settings.

You can find this GPS setting in Settings-> Location & Security -> Use GPS satellites.

GPS satellites is a vast battery hog. It is helping in find Wi-Fi hotspots, cellphone towers. To a greater extent an android phone surveys your locality, it takes more power.

If you are not navigating, un-check the green mark of use GPS satellites.

5). Set minimum Screen timeout.

Follow the path for this is, Settings-> Display -> Screen timeout. This setting will give you when your android screen get on/off. This time you can see the screen timeout from every 15sec to 30mins. It is better to select screen timeout as 15sec. if your screen get appear in lesser extent you can save more power. If you select 30mins, up to that extent your screen is in on means, it consumes more power.

Screen time out settings may vary from one phone to another phone.

6). Use only 2G networks.

To set 2G networks go to Settings >> Wireless and networks >> Mobile networks >> Network mode.

Other than 2G networks, you can find another two networks those are one is auto mode (GSM/WCDMA) and WCDMA.

If you set auto mode, then it would tries to find other than 2G network, in that situation it takes more battery power.

If you set WCDMA (3G) network, it would also search more heavily. For that searching it consumes more power. Mostly we will find 2G networks, so it is better to keep 2G network only.

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How to Increase Android Smartphone Battery Life Using Simple Steps

7). Turn out Wi-Fi scanning.

Go to Settings-> Wireless and networks-> Wi-Fi settings.

If your android smartphoneWi-Fi is in on, then your phone battery may get discharge very quickly. Even if you disabled Wi-Fi, your phone could still searching for networks.

To make sure that is not occurring, go to Wi-Fi settings and there you can un-check the option for Wi-Fi scanning.

And also close Tethering and portable hotspot.

8). Make sure turn out Bluetooth.

Go to Settings>> Wireless and networks>> Bluetooth settings.

When the time you are not using Bluetooth, then make sure that you have to turn off the Bluetooth option. When you needed then you can use and close it.

9) Turn on Flight/Airplane Mode to your Android phone while in Travelling.

Settings>> Wireless and networks>> Flight/Airplane mode

Airplane mode can help you to save your battery life. If you are in travelling signal may vary along your journey so, that time it consumes more battery power.

If you keep your android phone in Airplane mode, you will not lose your battery life.

NOTE: if you kept your phone in airplane mode while in travelling, you would not get any calls.

10). Close running applications.

Task manager>> Active applications.

Click on active application, it will show you what are the applications in active. There you can see at right side option like “END” click on that and save your android phone battery life.

That’s it for all about how to Increase Android Smartphone Battery Life, I hope you have understood and successfully applied for your Android Smartphone. If you have any queries or any suggestions regarding to this article then make sure to leave your valuable comment in the below comment box.


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