Fallout Shelter App Download & APK for Android

Fallout Shelter App Apk (1.0.3): If you are an Android game lover? And looking for new game, yeah you find the game here, what you are wishing. This is the post I am gonna tell you, how to do Fallout Shelter app download & Apk for Android. This Fallout Shelter App is available for iOS (iPhone*iPad* iPod Touch). First of all this app was released for iOS devices on June 14 and it was created by Bethesda Game Studios & published by Bethesda Softworks.

Fallout Shelter App APK (1.0.3) Download for Android, Tablets

Particularly this game for windows platform is not available, but using iPadian Emulator, Bluestacks Emulator you can do Fallout Shelter App for PC Download. Bluestacks app player works on windows and Mac PC/computer, so you can make a Fallout Shelter App for Mac Download, One thing, still it is not uploaded on Google Play Store, when Google Play Store having this app, from there onwards you can proceed your process on Mac computer, until you can play interesting games here: Brain dots for PC | Mountain Goat Mountain for PC.fallout-shelter-app-download


Fallout Shelter Android Release Date: Yeah here I want to intimate one thing about Fallout Shelter App for Android. This game publishers Bethesda Softworks took a decision and fix Fallout Shelter Android release date on 13 August 2015. Day by day its downloading is increasing and most of the people are playing this game on their PC as well as on their iPhone, iPad and on iPod Touch device.

Fallout Shelter Bethesda Softworks and Game Studios earned $5 million dollars within a week, it is the great news and we have to say thanks for them making such a great and awesome game for us. They are offering their service to download it completely for free. Download Fallout Shelter APK (1.0.3)

Download Fallout Shelter App for Android- Free Apk (1.0.3)

Fallout Shelter App Wiki:

>> Survival Guide

>> Rooms

>> Weapons

>> Outfits

>> Dwellers

It is developed totally free for all devices. In the game, player has to be active, maintain a vault and show your maximum efforts to keep your dwellers happy. It was inspired by games like XCOM and SimCity. The main task you have to do is, create your own vault, save dwellers from wasteland, and assign different works to dwellers in your vault. Dwellers are trained for various tasks and overseer made them to defend against raiders, infestations and other harmful attacks to the vault. In the vaults we can increases more dwellers by joining relationship between one women and men.

Fallout Shelter App-Features for Android

Suddenly its search increases in millions in the month of June. Within a week its search touching to the sky, in that level it has got popularity from android and iOS game lovers. Below we can see some of awesome features of this game

>> In the game, player role an overseer to power over an underground vault.


>> You have to mainly concentrate on to protect dwellers and keep vault in safe and secure position.

>> Balance food, water and other resources equally in the vault in between dwellers.

>> Make perfect training to dwellers, to defend against raiders of wasteland.


I hope you got the information on how to do Fallout Shelter app download & APK (1.0.3) for Android. Definitely you can get better experience from this game, I can say surely. Do you want to ask anything about Fallout Shelter app, you can simply drop your comments via comment box.

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