Transfer Files from PC to PC/Laptop on Windows 8.1*8*7

We are going to see how to transfer files from PC to PC or laptop on windows 8.1 and 8/7. We can see 3 best free software’s SHAREit, Zapya and Xender. Which helps to transfer files very fast without using any cables. I can say sharing of files through this applications is very simpler and quicker. This file transfer software’s are available for free, without money we can free download file transfer software’s for PC or computer. In this page you can get a complete idea how to use file transfer applications on windows computer or laptop. This simple guide fully support you on how to transfer files from laptop to laptop or PC on windows 8.1 and 8/7 via SHAREit, Xender and Zapya.

How to Transfer Files from PC to PC on windows 8 and 8.1, 7 laptopTransfer Files from PC to PC

In the market there are number of alternatives to this file sharing software’s, among them this software’s are very popular and most wanted file sharing applications. If you installed this applications on your computer or laptop, you can observe how effectively works. You can send tiny sized files in seconds. I have sent 1.8GB of files using SHAREit file transfer software from my PC to friend PC just in 4 minutes of time. If you used instead of this software’s like pen drive and LAN cable, it would take double of time than those software’s. So friends download files transfer software’s such as Zapya, Xender and SHAREit. Download anyone of them and save your sharing time. Below we can see complete details about those file sharing software’s.

I am going to give you full description about those file transfer software’s

1). SHAREit file transfer software from PC to laptop or computer.

2). Zapya easy file transfer software from computer to computer or laptop.

3). Xender file transfer software from laptop to PC or laptop.

Transfer Files from PC to PC/Laptop using SHAREit Sharing Software

In this paragraph we can see about this amazing Sharing application. Using this SHAREit software we can send HD quality movies, video songs and Android smartphone applications and photos and more other files from our computer to our friend computer. While sharing of files via SHAREit file sharing application no need of any other wires and LAN cables. And another great feature SHAREit providing is, it doesn’t require internet connection. And this SHAREit file transfer software is suited to your comfort those who are sharing files simultaneously. Here you can Download SHAREit for Android mobiles. SHAREit file transfer from laptop to laptop

SHAREit can find devices with same software when it is in open. It doesn’t make you any problems like sudden battery discharge etc. It has the capability to share files to five members at same time. It is a user interface file transferring application.

It is also available for Android smartphone devices. You can share files from Android phones to windows laptop or PC using SHAREit software. Download SHAREit for PC or laptop and enjoy the file transferring.

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How to Transfer Files from Computer to Computer/PC using Zapya File Transfer Software

We can see in this text another SHAREit alternative that is Zapya file sharing software. Zapya file sharing application is the great

Feature to share files from one platform to another platform. Use this Zapya file transfer software and share files from one PC to PC/computer wirelessly. It is offering a desirable feature that is you can share files from all OS devices. You can use Zapya file transfer in windows, iOS and also download  Zapya for Android. Sharing of files from laptop to laptop/computer through Zapya is faster.Zapya File transfer from computer to computer

We can say Zapya is a best alternative application than AirDrop, Bluetooth and NFC. It is allowing you to play games locally with others. Another mind blowing feature that comes with this application is that, Zapya can install its own on your friend’s devices. Through this share music files, images, android apps and more. YoYo & PaPaPa games come along with Zapya. So if you want to get files from your friends systems download Zapya file transfer for PC/laptop on windows 8,8.1,7.

Transfer Files from Laptop to Laptop/PC using Xender File Transfer Software

This is the final file sharing application in this article. This is another available alternative for SHAREit and Zapya. Xender file transfer is the correct software for the users who have to instantly sharing saved files from one PC to another windows PC. Xender doesn’t need any help from Wi-Fi and internet service. Xender file transfer application is not hampering your windows PC or laptop. We can transfer files from all format devices like iOS, windows and download Xender for Android.Xender file transfer from pc to laptop

Using Xender it is possible between different devices to transfer files. Xender tool provides a sharing speed as 5MB/s. this sharing application helps you to transfer audio songs, high quality video songs and movies in below than a minute. Xender file transfer software designed as very simply user interface. So finally I want to conclude it as download xender file transfer for pc/laptop on windows8.1 and 8, 7.

I hope you enjoy the above page how to transfer files from PC to PC or computer to computer or laptop to laptop using file transfer sofware’s such as SHAREit, Zapya and Xender. Download anyone of sharing software from them and do enjoy while sharing files. If you have any questions on this post you can freely send your comments via comment box.

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