6 Best Antivirus for Windows 8.1 PC and Windows 8/7 Laptop

Every windows system/Laptop user must install antivirus to their system/laptop. Otherwise you will have to face different unwanted results from your system. In this article I will give you about 6 best antiviruses for windows 8.1 PC windows 8/7. You can see all detail about those 6 best antivirus.

Best Antivirus for Windows 8.1 PC and Windows 8/7 Laptop

best antivirus for windows 8.1

I think everyone may know, how its effect will be. Once your system was attacked by severe virus, your system performance will be automatically reduced. And you may get irritate while operating of your system. To abolish that problem use below any one of AV and make your windows system/machine free from virus.

If you are not interested in paid antivirus software, you can use free cost of antivirus to your system. I have listed those 6 best antiviruses below.

Before going to know about those best AV software’s, get the knowledge about antivirus and how it avails to our windows PC/Laptop.

6 Best Free Antivirus for Windows 8.1 PC and Windows 8/7 Laptop

What is meant by antivirus?

Antivirus is a virus removal software. It can finds, prevents and then removes unwanted programs, like, malicious or malware. Frequently we can call it as ‘viruses’. AV is not offering a complete result to the trouble of malware, but it is performing an essential first step to fix your windows PC/Laptop. If you want to keep your PC/Laptop safe from viruses you should install beneficialAV to your windows Laptop/PC. Then after you need to do update your AV.

Know some of the names of viruses:

Sxs->Trojan, SXS->virus, SysFake->Trojan, Sysnet->Trojan, GEN.$R 1G->virus, GEN.$R 21->virus, GEN..E9B->virus, GEN.!new->virus

GEN->Trojan, Bolgi->Trojan

If your windows machine/Laptop affected by viruses, you would see above viruses while the time of scanning.

How can we choose beneficial antivirus?

Malware is developing quicker than ever. But as luck would have it in the current fashion of antivirus/AV is best provided than ever to treat newfangled threats.

In just previous years, the technology that great powers antivirus software has modified in an impressive manner. An antivirus software you bought in an earlier years ago was capable to block known viruses and some other known malware programs, but new brand, unknown malware programs, viruses, established beyond doubt to more hard. More newfangled products (AV) do a good job to blocking them.

6 Best Antivirus for Windows 8.1 Laptop or window 8/7 PC

1).Windows Defender Antivirus

If you are having windows 8.1/8 on your windows PC/Laptop, you can find this default AV on your system. Just press windows key on your Laptop/system keyboard then type windows defender in your search box, then after you can see this AV. You need an internet connection to update this AV. Already you are using any other antivirus on your windows PC, you can remove that, and then only we can run windows defender in our system.

best antivirus for windows

  • I can say it works perfectly in finding virus, malware and malicious programs.
  • It is the best antivirus for those who are using continuous internet connection.
  • When you insert virus attacked pendrive into your windows system, it can easily remove those viruses.
  • Your system struck with AV and whenever you copy the files in USB pendrive those turned into shortcut files, for those problems it can move out those shortcut files from your pendrive. After scanning has done to your shortcut file pendrive, you will not see any copied files in your pendrive. Just type by [dot (.)Your file name], you will get your files.  Ex: .songs, videos. Here songs and videos are folder name or file names.
  • But every 7 days you have to update this antivirus.

2).McAfee Antivirus:

We can use it to protect all your windows PC/Laptop or your Tablets and Android smartphones. It is also a top level antivirus. But it has a peculiar features which may attracts to users. It can cover up as many devices you want. First we used it for windows based, later we are using McAfee apps in Android smartphones. McAfee is offering different level of protection in your windows PC or Android mobiles.

best antivirus mcafee

  • It can works in an impressive manner and in a sufficient extent.
  • McAfee AVcan obliterate different type of malware, malicious programs and viruses.
  • Ready to update your McAfeeAV for to keep better functioning of your windows PC/Laptop.
  • It has different useful features, you should use them and make better your system performance.

3).Kaspersky Total Security:

Kaspersky is one of the well-known total security software. Its objective is that to defend not only windows PC/Laptop, and also use it for android smartphones or tablets. Installation process is free from ambiguity. In the world umpteen people are using Kaspersky total security software.

best antivirus kaspersky

  • Kaspersky can do well job on to remove different kind of malware, viruses and spywares.
  • To stop interlopers hacking in your windows PC/Laptop and in android phones.
  • Outcomes of anti-spam, anti-phishing and firewall.
  • Fake or bogus prevention is for net banking security.

4).Symantec Norton 360:

Symantec Norton 360 is one type of antivirus protection in Norton antivirus software. There are another two types of Norton products those are, Norton antivirus 2014 and Norton internet security. It has been maintaining well reviews from users.best antivirus norton360

  • Norton 360 adjusts for anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-spyware, browser protective cover and firewall.
  • It has various helpful interesting features for protecting and keep our system as safe.
  • Norton has a features like online scanning, two way firewall and tune-up.
  • It has the power to stop unwanted URLs.

5). Avira Antivirus:

Avira antivirus is offering a well protection for windows PC and also we can have this antivirus to our android versions. People those who are using Avira antivirus, they have given amazing reviews about that product. So why you are doing late? Use it and test the results of it.

best antivirus avira

  • Avira antivirus offering a useful features for free. If you want to add some additional features to it, you have to pay money for that.
  • Avira configuration settings will offers you to defend from phishing, online games.
  • It is providing a manual or automatic scans to our windows PC/Laptop.
  • You will get antivirus scans with real time protective cover.

6).Avast Antivirus:

Avast best free AV. You can enhance your windows performance by paid version of avast AV. In the antivirus product industry it has got the experience about 30 years. Many of the windows users are having confidence on this Avira antivirus.

best antivirus avast

  • Avast not only for windows system, we have the chance to use it for all android versions.
  • It can scan deeply and make out your system from viruses or malware programs.
  • It can make you safe from internet banking and bank details.

Friends, you should keep any above antivirus for your PC. Those are all best antivirus for your windows system. Keep your laptop without virus by using above AV. If you have any comment about this article send them in comment, make to share it on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


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