Download 10 Best Free Antivirus Apps for Android Smartphone

In this tutorial I am going to write about 10 best free antivirus apps for android smartphone. Antivirus Android apps have intruded above the previous year. In spite of android’s most of the part defend internal security, in the world millions of android users having additional security for on the off chance premises. Android antivirus apps doesn’t anguish that umpteen smartphones arrive set of arrangements with Android antivirus apps and that galore of those apps possess some other wonderful feature apart from antivirus security like lost mobile finding and mobile protection advantages. Below we can see list of all best free antivirus android apps.

Antivirus can make your android smartphone as smoother running and it can save your mobile data from unwanted sites. While downloading or installing of files from internet, it can scan those files and allow you to download that. If you are using without antivirus in your android smartphone, your operating system may get disturbs while the time of net surfing. You must install below any antivirus as you like.

Download Best Free Antivirus Apps for Android

1).AVG Antivirus Security

It is the best and free android security. You can get it at free of cost or paid version. It has a tag written like “Everybody has heard of AVG.”

best free antivirus for android smartphone

  • In the free version of AVG security, we have results of antivirus, anti-malicious, anti-malware, and anti-phishing.
  • In the Google play store users have installed above 100+ millions of people and they have givenestimable rating to this AVG antivirus. It has got rating 4.4/5.
  • Paid version is more beneficial than free version having with encouraged features such as apps backup, simply we can make lock to apps and make SIM card locking.
  • We can use the most useful feature that is Anti-theft in paid and free version.
  • Best defend browsing feature.

2). 360 Security Android Antivirus

It has the capability to give better function to your android smartphone. Do not pay out any money to install it from Google play shop. You can see tag for it “Why can’t more antivirus apps be like this one.” Go to  Google play shop and download free antivirus for android smartphone

  • Completely costless with ad support.
  • It can scans and removes threats within less time.
  • It has a practicality to clear your android from old data files allowed backside by application, infected files.
  • It can able to use anti-theft features.
  • It is extremely rated with 4.5/5 in Google play shop.

3). CM Security

CM Security is totally free of cost. It has tagged as “What more could you ask for?”

best free antivirus for android smartphone

  • CM Security results of Antivirus, safe browsing, anti-malicious, and anti-malware program features.
  • Most desirable feature Anti-theft practicality contains Google Maps, picture taking feature with scream fashion.
  • Presently show off a 200% catching rate.
  • Light on arrangement resourcesbuilds it well for older devices.
  • CM Security is a fresher antivirus Android application that’s bang market and it is greatly popular with majorly rated.

4). Eset Mobile Security.

Eset Mobile Security available in free and paid version. Eset mobile security developed company given a tag to this android security as “We’ll give this one a nod. Get it?”

best free antivirus for android smartphone

  • It can show off the viruses with 99.9% catching rate.
  • It can do auto-scan to your new files while you downloading them.
  • Paid versions having call/SMS blocking, encouraged anti-theft feature.
  • This free version is in a general manner. You can use it or go for another one.
  • Eset security has got more popular of Nod32 series of android antivirus application. Free version is little slow down but paid version is best.

5). Lookout Antivirus

We can use it on your android smartphone at no pay out. It is also rated in impressive count.

best free antivirus for android smartphone

  • It is a result of anti-theft, anti-malicious and anti-malware program. And also having some backup capacity in costless version.
  • Premium version concentrate theft alerts, mobile lock with safe browsing.
  • Paid version application have more competitive pricing.
  • You can see our battery discharging in free version.
  • It is offering an extreme excessive features.

6).Dr Web Antivirus

Dr Web Antivirus is high-price antivirus application. If you don’t want to put that much of money on that paid version, you can simply use the free version. If you buy paid version with $75, you can get license for lifetime. It says “A good old fashioned antivirus app.”

  • Dr Web antivirus will give features such as antivirus, anti-malicious, and anti-malware programs. And it has android protection service, which will make you to know unspecified thing is getting at your android storage.
  • Premium version offers anti-spam, cloud checker, and anti-theft.
  • If you are awaiting for encouraged features, make ready to pay for them.
  • It gives life time license once you have bought.

7). Wolfguard Mobile Security Antivirus.

Google play store offers you to install it for free. It is saying “Who doesn’t like wolves?”

best free antivirus for android smartphone

  • It has sufficient extent feature arranged but contains anti-phishing, antivirus, anti-malware programs.
  • Compulsory wanted feature that is Anti-theft also providing.
  • It is offering a different encouraged features such as capability to scan links in written messages for malware intention.
  • Costless ad supported
  • We can get only pro version, we are not able to find Wolfguard security anywhere.

8).McAfee Free Antivirus

It is completely free. Also available in paid version. McAfee is an “A sound name and a sound app.”

best free antivirus for android smartphone

  • McAfee is offering number of features and many of them available for without price.
  • McAfee is literally lock down your android phone, when someone try to uninstall. Do not blank out entering your PIN.
  • McAfee offers, antivirus, net surfing protection, call blocking, providing apps lock.
  • In the matter of security it is a top-notch antivirus.

9).Norton Antivirus & Security

Norton security is a respected and popular security application of android smartphone. We can install it in a paid version or in free version. It says” You all know Norton.”


  • Hatful of encouraged features like anti-theft, antivirus, privacy guard, app locking.
  • Some other different features such as contact syncing.
  • Free version makes your android smartphone as free from threats by scanning.
  • Free version is a smaller in range. If you bought it, you would have more additional features.

10). Kaspersky Internet Security

Google play shop is providing free and paid version of this application. Kaspersky says” A solid offering from a solid company.”

  • Free version is in a smaller extent but allowing necessity features like security antivirus.
  • Most desirable Anti-theft also available.
  • Paid version is offering anti-phishing and cloud protection.
  • It shows somewhat less performance in older model devices.
  • You need to add a Kaspersky account, if you are opening it first time.
  • Kaspersky Internet Security is a trusted and popular android antivirus application.

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I hope you like the above page about download 10 best free antivirus for android smartphone. Put into service above given any antivirus app to your android smartphone device and run your smartphone as faster.

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