Download 5 Best Android Apps to Clean & Increase Performance

Every android user should make clean and maintain to their android smartphone is necessary. You have to do it in a short intervals. If your android smartphone have installed lesser apps or files, even though there is chance for your smartphone may get move slowly after certain time. The reason behind is that apps which you installed to your smartphone they may generate app cache, junk files, residual files, garbage files. This are all nonsense things to remove them separately. To maintain and clean your android phone for that we are providing the 5 Best Android Apps to Clean and Increase Performance of your android smartphone performance. Those 5 best apps genuinely help you.

If you regularly do clean and maintain your android phone, you can overtake the problem of getting slowdown of your android smartphone. Cleaning and maintaining will give you the other chance for to install some more apps to your android smartphone. Increasing optimization can make your android as more faster and smoother.

Best Android Apps to Clean and Increase Performance of Your Smartphone

If you want to enhance the performance of your android, I have listed below 5 best and free apps those can scan and make out your android from the problem of slowdown. Go to Google play store, install them and use perfectly.

Download 5 Best Android Apps to Clean & Increase Performance

You can install those 5 best and free applications in any android device/Tablet. It doesn’t matter what android version you are using. You can just tweak and modify to achieve great results from your android smartphone.

In the android market you can find plenty of applications to increase android performance. In this article we collected some of best and free applications for your android smartphone.

Download Best Free Android Apps and IncreaseAndoid Performance

Here you can see 5 best apps to clean and increase android smartphone performance.

1).Clean Master

We can call clean master as all-round smartphone application. It has the capability to clean and maintenance of your android. Clean master having the perfect tools in it. We can say in all cleaning apps clean master is the best and free app ever. Clean master is the exact tool for your android smartphone. Clean master is a rattling application which is really help you to increase your android smartphone performance. Using this application we can remove files like, search history, cache, calls & residual files. You can compare this clean master application with any other related application, strongly you can say yourself clean master is 100% better than that application. It can work in its own way.

It can clear all the cache files, those are created by all apps. If your android phone having low phone memory, use this application and enhance your phone storage. Having the low internal storage of your android phone is also one of the problem of getting slow down.

2). App Cache Cleaner

App cache cleaner is the easy to use tool, it can clean all app cache of your android applications. We can say it is a one tab cleanup feature that will make to clean all unwanted files and provide more phone memory to your android smartphone. It could free up your android phone memory. If you are carrying out of app storage, you can get sufficient available storage for your android after cleaning of all cache files.

This app cache cleaner will avail to avoid and arrest the problem of low memory words of advice.

3). Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager can list out the running applications in your android smartphone. Using this app you can stop them. It contains app management tool to deal with all installed applications. This application serve you to kill all active tasks, free memory space, speed up your android, save battery life. It has the great feature it can automatically stop the apps every time your android screen off. And additionally it has speedy uninstaller, battery manager.

The battery manager will help in display the battery condition and battery state. Utilize this useful application and know your android battery condition and play games or songs according to your battery condition.

4). Android Booster

Android booster application is an android assistant to maintain and clean your tablet or android smartphone. It can increase the performance of your android phone in best suitable and possible way, it can make better performance to your smartphone. You can install it free from Google play store. It has been installed by umpteen people.

This application include batter manger facility for your android smartphone. And tweak to optimize feature that can make outstanding performance for your smartphone totally. And additionally we can see, app manager, file manager and network manager tools. And also it allows you antivirus tools like virus scanner.


First we used CCleaner for PC to maintain and clean unnecessary files. But now we can use it for android also. It can totally clean and make your android as fresh. It is having multiple tools that can make clean cache, browsing history, residual files, and unwanted temp files. CCleaner can clean call and sms log.

CCcleaner is allowing app manager, temperature and battery tools.

Maintain above mentioned Best Android Apps to Clean and Increase Performance clean & faster.

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