Fix Bluestacks Graphic Card Error 25000 Windows 8.1/10/8/7/XP PC

In the previous article I have given briefly about, what is Bluestacks? How to install Bluestacks on your Windows PC. This page on how to fix Bluestacks graphic card error 25000 on pc or windows 8.1 & 8/7 laptops. Most of the people are using this android emulator to run smartphone applications on windows pc or laptop.Fix Bluestacks graphic card error for windows pc

In the world umpteen people know, how to operate android phones and they are only enjoying. What’s about remaining people? Those who are not using Android phones, even though they are getting desires like to use and learn about android phones, for them, extraordinarily windows application like Bluestacks application was aroused. Just install Bluestacks emulator on your windows PC or laptop. It will make you to get experience of android smartphone.

In this article, I am writing about “fix Bluestacks graphic card error 25000 by updating graphic drivers

Those who are getting this error while installing of Bluestacks emulator, first you must fix this graphic error, Otherwise we cannot install WhatsApp for PC and we will miss the chance to test the android smartphone applications on windows PC or laptop.

Fix Bluestacks Graphic Card Error 25000 on Windows 8.1, 8/7 PC

Do you know what graphic card error 25000 is?

Graphic card error 25000 is related to about your system driver’s problem. Why our windows PC shows this faulty message while we installing Bluestacks emulator on our PC, means, your windows PC drivers may not get updated. This is the main problem for showing that error message. And your Windows PC should have minimum of 2GB RAM.

Everyone’s, PC having only two types of graphic card drivers. I have listed them below,

  1. Microsoft’s proprietary Direct3D
  2. OpenGLs

What is Microsoft’s proprietary Direct3D?

This is a first type of graphic card driver, which is avail to proper working function of windows.

What OpenGL is?

OpenGL graphic driver helps to run android apps or installation of other software’s, like this Bluestacks app player swimmingly.

If this graphic card drivers are not updated on your windows PC, your windows machine will show you all the time Bluestacks installation failed.

How to Fix Bluestacks Graphic Error Message 25000 on Windows PC or Laptop

First of all, you should update your windows PC graphic card driver’s. Then after only install Bluestacks app player.

If you are using an older model of PC, you might not have the chance to install Bluestacks app player on that older system.

Any way you are getting that error message and, your system is not as much as old, so just make to update your graphic card drivers. After completion of update to your drivers, definitely Bluestacks will be installed on your PC or laptop. If installation of Bluestacks emulator has done successfully, we can do WhatsApp download for PC using Bluestacks and play different types of android games and we can install APK files of android on this Bluestacks android emulator.

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I hope it will help you to fix Bluestacks graphic card error 25000 by updating graphic drivers. If you solved your problem with this article, remember to share this article to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


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