Best Universities in the USA for Computer Science and Engineering

Hi guys, below you can find a list of best ranked Best Universities in the USA. The list which is arranged here is based on U.S News and World Reports, quality of education and placements best universities in the U.S list. Here represented are the top 10 best universities for MS in Computer Science in the United States.

Ten Top Best Universities in the USA for Computer Science and Engineering

Many students dream is to study MS in Computer Science in the United States. Following institutes are based on reputation, quality of education and placements
1. Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Mellon University is regarded as one of the best universities in the world for computer science and technology. The institute is presently carrying research in several fields like Cyber security and robotics. For students who wish to study in depth of computer science also offers Master’s and Ph.D. curriculam.
2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been constantly ranked among the best computer science institutes in the country as well as in the best universities in world list. MIT offers students to pursue graduate level around in ten different engineering departments’ in their academic curriculum. For any computer science students opting Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s really better choice for them as compare to other top institutes.
3. Stanford University

Stanford University
Stanford was established in 1965 and located at the Silicon Valley & has been providing world class education for students who are interested in pursuing computer science degree. From this institute many of the students will secure job offers after graduation, because Stanford has very good relationship with many popular companies like Yahoo, Facebook and including google

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4. Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology
The Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the top best university in the country with the best affordable tuition fee and it primary preference gives to computer science programs. At Georgia Institute the most interesting research area is the Theoretical Computer Science. Georgia has both a college of Computing and Engineering with the available programs of undergraduate degree, master’s degree and Ph.D. degree levels.
5. Duke University

Duke University
Duke University contains computer science program and engineering and its program includes computer engineering and biomedical engineering. The Duke University’s graduates and faculty are at the forefront of national research in several areas. For students even at the undergraduate level both B.S and B.A programs are offered.
6. George Mason University

George Mason University
George Mason University is especially strong in computer science and information technology based programs, and it offers B.S, M.S and Ph.D. programs in computer science. At this institute offers M.S. programs in information system, information security and software engineering.

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7. University of PennsylvaniaUniversity of Pennsylvania
The University of Pennsylvania offers research opportunities for students from the undergraduate level. Pennsylvania boasts institute for research like the Centre for Engineering Cells and Regeneration. At this institute various degree options are also available like BSC in Computer Engineering, BSC in Computer Science and BSC in Market and Social System Engineering.
8. University of California, Berkeley

University of California
University of California is one of the most highly considered public university in the America. California has both a School of Information and a College of Engineering for graduate students as well as a five year Bachelor and Master’s continuation programs and undergraduate minors are also available in two field of concentration.

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9. Harvard University

Harvard University

Harvard University was founded in 1636 and it has been getting ranked in the top 10 for computer science universities in the nation for every year. It is one of the oldest universities in the America. Though Harvard has a higher fair adjusted tuition fee for computer science degree, Harvard is one of the best computer science institutes in the world
10. Columbia UniversityColumbia University
Columbia University offers a range of specific programs for students who are interested in pursuing computer science programs. Students belong to computer science gain access to around 25 separate labs in different fields like computational biology, design and asynchronous circuits and systems. At Columbia undergraduate program include BA in computer science and BS in computer science. It also offers Master’s degree and Ph.D. programs for students who wishing to pursue higher education.

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